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We live in the Internet era: your shop window can become “virtual” and travel in the space beyond limits. Use this occasion in order to exploit this easy and fast marketing tool, which is good to make your company known to a wide public. How can you do it? Here the instructions for success.

This is the right choice for your marketing plan.

What is My Shopping?
My Shopping is a marketing tool that allows customers to know a specific shop, bar, restaurant by using new Information Technologies and new communication channels. It is an idea thought and wanted by ConfCommercio Uniascom Varese Association in order to develop the nearby business through two channels: My Shopping App and Enjoy My Shopping Card.

My Shopping App. It is an App for Smartphone that has a virtual gallery where each entrepreneur can show his products and services. My Shopping App connects several tools useful for the promotion of partner shops, two of those services are: Geopositiong and “Better Perception of the Surrounding Area”. Through the integrated GPS, the Geopositioning service gives the customer the best way to reach the desired shop. There is something more: thanks to the GPS system, the entrepreneur can send text messages to each customers that passes nearby. In this way, the latter is always update about promotions and sales. Another important functionality is “Better Perception of the Surrounding Area”: through the photo camera of your smartphone, it allows you to know shops, bars, restaurants just by framing a building!

Enjoy My Shopping Card. The prepaid and rechargeable card that works on Master Card circuit. It is distributed in all banks Banca Popolare of Bergamo of the territories around Varese. The advantage for the entrepreneurs is that their data will be add to the list of all partners obtaining a strong advertising impact. At subscription, the only request is the application of a small discount for all card owners. In this way, customers with Enjoy My Shopping Card will be more willing to make purchases in partner shops as they will take advantage of discounts of purchased items.

Why shall I take part?
My Shopping is an initiative that aims at helping concretely the business development of all nearby shops. It provides the entrepreneur with modern and effective tools in order to increase his shop’s visibility and awareness. The progressive increase of both the use of the credit card in daily purchase and of smartphone are the grounded strengths of this project!

How does the subscription cost?
Anything! Subscribing to My Shopping Association and Enjoy My shopping Card is free for the entrepreneur! It is reserved to all partners of ConfCommercio Uniascom Varese Association.

How may I subscribe?
You can contact directly the offices of ConfCommercio Uniascom Varese at the following contacts:

Confcommercio Uniascom Varese
Tel. 0332.342210


My Shopping
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